Is the Drun patch the definitive answer for the WD2010 ?

David R. Mayne david at wmms.UUCP
Tue May 7 00:26:00 AEST 1991

As I went to install a larger drive in my 3b1 last weekend,
I also had intended to apply the DRUN patch which Thad had
discovered to allow use of my WD2010B bought during Thad's
group buy in 1989.

My system did not previously accept the WD2010B, giving the
symptons of reading the boot loader, then reading a little
from the hard drive, aborting the read, attempting to boot
from floppy, back to hard drive for a few more #'s, etc.....

My technician had solder gun and parts ready in hand, and
we disassembled the machine; to our suprise, the DRUN patch
had already been applied to the motherboard of this machine.
I have been the only owner of this machine, having purchased it
from AT&T right before the fire sale :^( 
The technician observed the quality of the patch, and also
believed that it had to be done in the factory.
He checked the leads and the resistor, and the numbers were
right at spec.

We reassembled the machine, replacing the noisy 40 meg Miniscribe
with an 80 meg Seagate ST4096 (no flames please, the drive came free).
The Seagate would not format with the WD2010 installed (giving
Winchester error = 4). It formatted quite nicely with the WD1010
(although I have not had the 5.1 upgrade performed yet).
After formatting the drive, doing surface tests, and installing
the base OS, we then tried the WD2010 again, giving the same
symptons as described at the first of this post.

Has anybody else applied the DRUN patch and still been unable to
use the WD2010 ? 

Are there any differences between the WD2010 A-B-C chips which could
cause my troubles ?

Perhaps I have a bad chip - I will attempt to locate another one.

Any other suggestions would be very appreciated.


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