WANTED: Ethernet Card and Software

Thaddeus P. Floryan thad at public.BTR.COM
Tue May 14 22:09:48 AEST 1991

In article <1991May13.161118.27278 at blilly.UUCP> bruce at balilly (Bruce Lilly) writes:
>So far, yes to everything, although it's buggy (based on 4.2BSD code) and
>slow (very slow). (no inetd or syslogd, although these can be ported to
>the 3B1. note also that the Willgowrong stuff doesn't support "UNIX domain

Ahhh, let's correct that to read "HAS been ported to the 3B1/UNIXPC."

Please see the stuff below (archived on my Amiga simply because it has the
requisite disk space) and note that I've ported some of the BSD4.3 "Tahoe"
stuff (as found on uunet.uu.net) to the 3B1 also (e.g. ftp, finger, etc.)
last year after I got my 3B1 WIN/3B Ethernet cards.  And for those using the
WIN/3B stuff, note that "trailers" are NOT enabled in the default setup and
that the 3B1's WIN/3B uses the old, incorrect broadcasts for rwhod (i.e. the
system bits are are zeroes instead of (the newer) all ones).

Thad Floryan [ thad at btr.com (OR) {decwrl, mips, fernwood}!btr!thad ]

-------------------- begin included material

CLI2> ls -l sys6b:jhname.hcf.jhu.edu/networking
----ar-e- 90-07-28 17:06:44  365   184112 bind.tar.Z
----ar-e- 90-07-28 17:10:27  100    50613 ftp.tar.Z
----ar-e- 90-07-28 17:11:48   35    17891 inetd.tar.Z
----ar-e- 90-07-28 17:14:18   66    33765 netstat.tar.Z
----ar-e- 90-07-28 17:19:13  133    67287 pop3.tar.Z
----ar-e- 90-07-28 16:53:21    4     1825 README
----ar-e- 90-07-28 17:38:10  517   261071 sendmail.tar.Z
----ar-e- 90-07-28 17:39:59   48    24382 syslog.tar.Z
----ar-e- 90-07-28 17:41:20   35    17886 tftp.tar.Z
----ar-e- 90-07-28 17:41:59   17     8403 tftpd.tar.Z
----ar-e- 90-07-28 17:42:21    9     4324 uucpd.tar.Z
Dirs:0    Files:11   Blocks:1329  Bytes:671559  

CLI2> type sys6b:jhname.hcf.jhu.edu/networking/README

                       UNIXpc/SystemV Networking Sources

Everything in this directory has been ported to SysV and WIN/3B TCP.
Additionally, where necessary, ifdefs (#ifdef UNIXPC) have been put in to
allow compilation on an AT&T 3b1/7300/UNIXpc.  All of these packages have
been tested to some extent, but I can't make any promises that they are
flawless.  If something goes wrong, they are quite capable of panic-ing your
machine, so please be cautious.

All sources were originally publically available and still carry all original

It is best to start by getting bind.tar.Z, syslog.tar.Z and inetd.tar.Z
first.  They form the base upon which the other software relies.  Once you
have these three compiled and tested, you can compile and link the rest of
the packages.

What's here and what it is:

bind.tar.Z	this is the BIND nameserver and resolver library that gives
		programs access to the Internet DNS (Domain Name System)
		nameservers for resolving IP addresses and hostnames -
		you'll need it for virtually everything here

syslog.tar.Z	this is the BSD4.3 syslog (both the library and the daemon)
		the daemon can receive logging from BSD machines - you'll
		need it to compile nearly everything here

inetd.tar.Z	this is the BSD4.3 inetd super-server - it is needed to run
		the pop, tftp, and uucp servers

sendmail.tar.Z	this is sendmail version 5.64 - full MX support as well as 
		some recent improvements.

pop3.tar.Z	this is the POP3 remote mail-reading server

tftp.tar.Z	this is the BSD4.3 TFTP client

tftpd.tar.Z	this is the BSD4.3 TFTP server

uucpd.tar.Z	this is the server for UUCP over TCP connections

Andy Poling				andy at gollum.hcf.jhu.edu
Homewood Academic Comupting		ANDY at JHUNIX.BITNET
Johns Hopkins University		uunet!mimsy!aplcen!jhunix!andy
Baltimore, Maryland
(301) 338-8096

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