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In article <1991May3.181308.7065 at> ostroff at oswego.Oswego.EDU (Boyd Ostroff) writes:
> In article <1991May3.163220.24448 at> dwex at (david.e.wexelblat) writes:
> >I am planning to put together a small replacement for wind.o for 3B1
> >systems that have pitched UA/wind.o.  
> >Please email me your suggestions, or post followups to comp.sys.3b1.
> Personally, I would *love* to just see a wind.o replacement that allows
> access to the bottom 4 lines of the screen (as someone else suggested).
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Well, you won't get it from me! :-> (anyone else remember "The Prisoner"?)
I have no intention of re-engineering the complete wind.o.  All I'm
going to do is provide something that allows the console to 

	1) screen blank
	2) have a cursor (I like cursors)
	3) Be able to back-space properly (what's the deal, dudes?)
	4) handle ksh emacs-mode line editting (stop nuking the
	   end of my line!!)
	5) Do enough smart-terminal stuff to run less and 
	6) Anything else I get around to (or someone bribes me to

No windows, no icons, no menus, no pointers!  If I want a WIMP, I'll
go see my MGR (can I say that :-?).

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