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Wed May 8 13:52:16 AEST 1991

In article <334 at> tkacik at (Tom Tkacik) writes:
>In article <1991May4.040336.10403 at texrex.uucp>, rmfowler at texrex.uucp writes:
>> What I'm wanting to do is see if gas is able to assemble teval.s
>> from the perl distribution.  eval.c compiled fine but the 
>> tainted version (teval.c) won't (ie. Branch offset too remote)

[ I'm trying to compile with gcc but as(1) won't assemble teval.s ]

>I just took a quick look at the man page for as(1).  There is a -j switch
>to as(1) that "invokes the long-jump assembler."  This looks like it
>should solve your problem with the branch offsets being too long.
>I have not tried this, so let us know if it works.

I tried it, it doesn't help.

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By the way, I did succeed in building perl 4.003 with setuid/setgid emulation
with the stock cc.  Also, I haven't rec'd any info on assembling with gas yet, 
so if you're waiting on the other guy to tell me, wait no longer.

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