Huang HuiHuang hhuihua%peruvian.utah.edu at cs.utah.edu
Thu May 9 18:20:45 AEST 1991


  First, I like to thank the people who help me to figure out the problem
I meet about the development kit. Thanks!!!

  Second, can anyone tell me how to use uucp to transfer files from one
node to another node. For example, I login to peruvian.utah.edu (Univ.
of Utah) and try to uucp some file from cis.ohio-state.edu. How should
I do? 

  Third, after I ftp file from osu-edu, I use umodem -sb to download the
file to my UNIX PC. The file can not be used because it is data but not
executeable file. Like I download emacs from osu-edu. After I uncompress
the file, it become a data file. I don't know how to covert that to be
a executeable file. Thanks for help!!!

  Wish everyone have a nice day!!!

  Hui-Huang Huang

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