3b1 'os question - help requested

Cary Oler oler at honte.uleth.ca
Mon May 20 05:10:01 AEST 1991

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Hi fellow 3b1'ers

I (sadly) don't have direct access to any.net so a benevolent friend
has been dloading the digests of the comp.sys.3b1 group to me and
has offered to post inquiries for me. watta guy!!! (-:

I've only recently had access to the comp.sys.3b1 group so I'm confused
at some of the references made in various mail. Could someone who has
followed this sig a little longer PLEASE explain some things or reference
a file at an FTP site that may help. I've been using 3b1's for about 5
years and owned one for 2. I'm running version 3.0 of the os and dev-pak.

1.	Does anyone know where a guy could get the 3.51 versions of the
	os and dev-pak?? I've seen the 3.5os for 75$us but the company
	wants 475$us for the 3.51 dev-pak and doesn't list a 3.51os.
	The doc states not to mix os and dev-pak numbers. So I'd like
	to keep them equal during an upgrade.

2.	It appears that osu-cis keeps a large archive of att7300 files.
	Are there other sites that support the 3b1??? Of any sort
	bbs, anon uucp, ftp... ?

3.	I see references to a 3.51, 3.51a (I think "a"), and a 3.51m .
	What is the a & m references meaning??? Are they patched versions?
	What is the benefit of these alternate versions??? And where
	can these be had ???

4.	I understand there is a starlan daemon out for the 3b1 that lets
	you connect to starlan controllers and use starlan cabling to
	attach terminals and such. Can this still be acquired??? I see
	people talking about 19.2k/bps problems and I read some mail
	a few years ago where a lad mentioned having some terminals
	hung off his 3b1 running at 19.2k without a hitch. Possibly
	this could be a solution. The only 19.2k option I've ever seen
	the 3b1 offer from the menu level is for a starlan connection.

5.	Recent articles discussing speed upgrades to the 3b1. Most come
	down to the fact you can't plop in a better processor. Would
	faster ram be of any benefit? Can a 020 be run at 10Mhz and
	would (has the vmm 020 been out long??) it make any real difference
	in the performance of the unit?

6.	In the same vein, I'd like to upgrade to a higher density drive
	(or 2 drives it seems) since my 67 meg is getting full. What is
	the largest capacity I can expect to use? How fast a drive is
	worthwhile spending the cash on. What manufacturers drives have
	been installed the easiest and worked with the least trouble.

	Even if you can't answer, thanx for reading this far... actually
	just for reading this message!


	Dean Switzer
	crazed.hacker at large


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