3B2 hardware in a 3B1

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In article <1991May13.045604.29480 at bronze.ucs.indiana.edu> templon at copper.ucs.indiana.edu (jeffrey templon) writes:
>Is it possible to put 3B2 hardware in a 3B1?  I am particularly interested
>in cards, like a serial-port card or a LAN card.

	I don't believe so.  I've not seen the 3b2 hardware (except for the
XM expansion chassis, which I am using with my 7300 (3b1 without the hump)
to provide power and housing to two hard disk drives and the floppy-tape
drive. - I don't think that that counts :-)

	Since the 3b1 was designed and manufactured by Convergent
Technologies, around the mc68010, and the 3b2 was designed and manufactured
by another (possibly AT&T itself ?) around a proprietary cpu chip which
comes from AT&T, with its own bus, I suspect that anything which plugs
directly into the bus would not be directly exchangeable.  (I don't exclude
the possibility that a sufficiently dedicated hardware hacker could make an
adaptor from the s4-bus (that of the 3b1, stands for Safari-4 - Convergent's
designation from the machine), to the bus of the 3b2.  He would then need
the assistance of a sufficiently-dedicated kernel hacker to write drivers
for the different hardware.)  It could (perhaps) be done, but would it be
worth the trouble?

	Good Luck

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