Hard Drive Advice

Paul Chapman chapman at ug.cs.dal.ca
Sun May 12 04:44:33 AEST 1991

	I am now the proud owner of an at&t 7300, having just bought one.
However, the machine has no hard drive.  Does anyone have any
recommendations for a hard drive in about the 40-60 meg range which will
work well with this machine?  I was going to buy a Seagate ST-251-1, but I
recently saw someone imply that this is not a good idea.  I have had bitter
experience with a Quantum ProDrive 40 on a Mac and I don't want to make
another expensive mistake.

	Another thing is that, since I have only very recently found this
newsgroup, I am not steeped in 3b1 lore, and I don't know what all the
upgrades mean.  Can anyone enlighten me as to what replacements and
modifications can be (easily) done to this machine to help me in my quest
for a Nice Little Unix Box?  Adding big hard drives?  Adding more than one
hard drive?  And what's the difference between versions 3.51m and 3.51 of
the OS?

	Thanks for your time.  If this sort of thing is a FAQ, please mail
me to save bandwidth.

- Paul (chapman at ug.cs.dal.ca)
(Gee, now I know what it must be like to be computer illiterate!)

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