Where are these old articles coming from?

Mariusz Stanczak Mariusz at fbits.ttank.com
Sun May 5 20:57:59 AEST 1991

In article <1991May4.232613.18565 at oswego.oswego.edu>, ostroff at Oswego.EDU (Boyd Ostroff) writes:
> I logged in today and saw LOTS of news in comp.sys.3b1 (85 articles) and
> started reading, but kept getting this sense of deja vu.... There are some
> real old articles bouncing around here - what gives?

    Funny, my site got a bunch of old 3B1 (mostly) articles as well, but
no deja vu here (you really got swamped though).  I was missing some (12)
articles, and the ones I recieved now seem to fill the gaps.
    Anyways, they were put to junk on my system (for being to old), so I
could not get their 3B1 numbers, and I'm still "missing" the following
articles (comp.sys.3B1):
	42 43 50 56 70 71 74 81 82 83 407 634

Could someone mail the bunch to me?


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