Gcc at OSU??

Andy Fyfe andy at cs.caltech.edu
Tue May 7 18:31:21 AEST 1991

In article <15916 at helios.TAMU.EDU> n138ct at tamuts.tamu.edu (Brent Burton) writes:
>Okay, at the OSU archives:
>but over in the /languages/ neighborhood there is:
>  """/languages/g++-bin.tar.Z  465981 bytes
>According to the old README files, the gcc binary archive is 353901 bytes.

Lenny copied gcc and g++ from csvax.cs.caltech.edu to OSU, but gcc
seems to have got lost along the way.  Since these files originated on
csvax, I just copied gcc-gas.tar.Z to the languages directory.  (I
wasn't sure I'd be able to, and I hope I haven't stood on any toes by
doing so.)  I also updated the README files.

   436126 May  6 23:26 languages/gcc-gas.tar.Z

Andy Fyfe					andy at cs.caltech.edu

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