Scott Ballantyne sdb%hotmomma at
Mon May 13 11:21:24 AEST 1991

Anyone out there have any experience with connecting a Sun 3/60 to a
3b1 using Ethernet?  I have them connected using the AMP
thick->thinnet transceiver on the 3b1, and data transfers from the
sun->3b1 are quite respectible, unfortunately, not from 3b1->sun.  I
have yet to see a rcp, for example, succeed from 3b1->sun. It works
great in the other direction.

Do I have a hardware problem?  If so, where can you get these cards

Do I have a software problem?  (This is my suspicion).  Running
etherfind on the Sun showed the 3b1 broadcasting many many ARP
packets.  Turning off arp, and hardcoding the IP->ethercard
translation *still* shows the 3b1 broadcasting ARP packets. Weird.

Any insights or advice welcomed.  If there is interest, I will post a


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