MUSH won't make for me (3b1 & gcc & other things)

Kevin O'Gorman kevin at kosman.UUCP
Thu May 9 10:11:05 AEST 1991

I'm trying to make the new MUSH 7.2.2 on ghengis here, and it's not going
well.  I'm trying to use gcc-1.39, which might be my problem, and I'm not
setting -traditional (thus enabling ANSI C) which might be my problem,
and I have been hacking this machine and OS for years now, which might
be my problem.  But I need some help.

I have made config.h and Makefile look as much as possible like the ones
that worked for me when I made 7.1.1 and 7.1.3.  I haven't changed anything
other than what that required.

The first module to be made (commands) fails with a raft of messages,
beginning with 'savetty redefined - mush.h line 187' and a bunch of complaints
about _tty in line 227 of mush.h.  Both of these appear in
/usr/include/curses.h in my system, and _tty is declared there, so that
it seems proper for the compiler to be complaining.

Anyone have any idea?
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