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Wed May 8 08:19:33 AEST 1991

In article <15910 at helios.TAMU.EDU> n138ct at (Brent Burton) writes:
>In article <91126.193523JXM114 at> JXM114 at (Jeffrey T McQuillen aka CaptPicard) writes:
>>Can I assume that there are no bugs with unix on a pc or is the fact that there
>>are no articles in here cause no one cares about unix on a pc?
>  You hit the nail on the head here.  Those of us who own unix-pcs

	[ ... ]

>  If interested, check out the NEW comp.sys.3b1 and associated groups.

	He may never see your response, if he's looking in 'unix-pc.*'.  If
it passes through even ONE site running B-news which has 'unix-pc.*' aliased
to 'comp.sys.3b1', your newsgroup line will get mangled to 'comp.sys.3b1'.
See the Newsgroups: line from your article as seen at my site.

	Newsgroups: comp.sys.3b1

	I responded to him by e-mail (if it doesn't get bounced by some
site along the way :-) to explain the situation (including the newsgroup
change by aliasing) to him.

	Isn't it about time to turn off the aliasing now?  Then we can not be
bothered by these postings.  (Is there anyone out there who still NEEDS
'unix-pc.*' to get their news?)

	Thanks all

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