386 interrupts, pcnfs

Kevin Montgomery montgome at udel.EDU
Thu Aug 31 11:17:07 AEST 1989

Does anybody run Sun's pcnfs software on PC's and a 386 system V machine??
I have been haveing trouble bringing such a system up, and would love to hear
from anybody who has been successfull.

In particular, the standard PC boards only seem to support the 'non cascaded'
interrupts on the AT.  How can you run 2 standard serial ports, a parralel
port, buss mouse, ethernet board, etc??  On the unix server side the drivers
might be smart enough to poll multiple devices on 1 interrupt line.
What can be about the pcnfs dos pc clients??

Any suggestions would be appreciated, (even to RTMF if you could steer
me the right way).

Kevin Montgomery

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