Loss of the Bell Tech Blit

The Imaginative Moron paul at dialogic.UUCP
Fri Aug 25 07:07:51 AEST 1989

Last week I heard that ISC had finally released an X srever for the
Bell Tech Blit card. I've been trying to get one in my ISC 386/ix
machine for a while, so I ordered the upgrade from ISC. Today, I
called a dealer to order a Blit. Imagine my suprise to find out that
Intel have shut up shop in that part of Bell Tech, and Blits are no
longer extant! 

So why did ISC release the Blit server I ask myself ? Did they not
know ? Do they know something about Blit availabilty that I don't ?
Was the dealer lying ? I tried calling Bell Tech, oops, sorry, INTEL,
but everyone was out to lunch :-), and they havn't returned my call

Could anyone shed some light on this ? I'd really like to get a Blit
if I can, as my only other choice for monochrome hi-res X on a 386
would be a Sigma LaserView, which I tried and didn't like much - slow,
and the contrast was not that good. 
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