Need 8 bits in gettydefs or TB

Willy Paine paine at
Sat Aug 19 11:34:54 AEST 1989

Thank you for Telebit to post message on setting up TB for my ix/386.
It is getting better but it locks on 19200 bauds and 7 bits when callers
log in and they have to change to 7 bits from 8 bits.

I would like to know how to make this autobauds and 8 bits.  I have
tried to modify /etc/gettydefs for ix/863 (adding CS8) but it gets screw
up with strange character that I don't know what bauds, bits, stop etc.
Or maybe change S register for TB to run 8 bits.  This is one line

19200H# B19200 # B19200 SANE IXANY PARENB TAB3 HUPCL #login: #2400H

I could not figure out how to add CS8 somewhere.  I tried to add
#/nSeaeast Exchange BBS/n/n/nlogin:    but it produces strange characters
after entering login and I could not figure it out which bauds or bits

Thank you for your help...


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