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Al Evans al at inebriae.UUCP
Wed Aug 30 00:39:47 AEST 1989

In article <1086 at virtech.UUCP> cpcahil at virtech.UUCP (Conor P. Cahill) writes:
>In article <2069 at kodak.UUCP>, mark at kodak.UUCP (Mark Hilliard) writes:
>> [statement that he can't get news to compile]
>David Raines posted the following to the net a while back-------
>I got the source for bnews-2.11 from UUNET.  Other than the standard
> changes for USG/SysV, the only thing that wouldn,t compile 
>was virtterm.c.   Add the following includes:
>	#include <sys/stream.h>
>	#include <sys/ptem.h>
>The 'winsize' structure is defined in ptem.h, which is dependent on stream.h.
>Apparently this is a change from earlier versions.

I just finished fighting with this for a couple of days. The problem is that
unless you have Streams installed, you don't HAVE ptem.h. While termio.h
defines the ioctl call TIOCGWINSZ, the data structure needed as a parameter
to that call is defined elsewhere. Nasty. The problem didn't exist under
1.0.6, because TIOCGWINSZ wasn't defined in termio.h.

The simplest solution I found was to add a line in virtterm.c, right after

#ifdef USG 



I guess to be correct about it, you really should add the necessary 
edit instruction to your localize script. 
Anyway, this seems to work just fine.
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