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Fri Aug 25 11:15:03 AEST 1989

>From article <121 at mdi386.UUCP>, by bruce at mdi386.UUCP (Bruce A. McIntyre):
> The Caching disk controllers from Distributed Processing Technology would
> be an excellent choice for your application.  With one of these, the
> average access time of your drives would approach .5 ms (not 5, but .5)
> and with the cache being able to be set up to 4MB, it would turn that
> 300Mb drive into a real screamer.
> They also offer an add on board for disk mirroring, and can support
> any variation of ESDI, SCSI or MFM drive.  Since the definition of the
> drive to the PC can be redefined from the actual physical drive config,
> with the controller doing the translation, you can use virtually any drive.
> The controller also does the error correction and bad tracking...

 Hello All,

I just purchased one of the DPT controllers for use on a 15mbps ESDI drive
here in the office.  I would be very interested to see if anybody else on
the net has been using the DPT contorller, and under what configuration.
Prior to using the DPT product I had the Adaptec 2322B ESDI controller,
but needed a 15mbps (not 10) for the new 780 megabyte harddisk.  I decided
to give an intelegent harddisk controller a shot, and so far it appers to 
be working very well.  At present I am using the basic configuration of
512K of cache/buffer on the controller, but would like to hear of others
experiences with the board.  I would also be interested to see if anybody
increased the onboard RAM, and how much improvement did the increased RAM
give you.  I believe the price for the controller is fair, but the cost to
add RAM adds up real quick.  So as the story goes, I wouldn't buy the 
additional RAM unless the cost was justified...

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