Telebit setting for ix/386

Willy Paine paine at
Fri Aug 18 01:59:19 AEST 1989

I have been trying to setup Telebit for ix/386 for past three weeks and
I was told that new upgrade 2.0.2 would support Telebit as well as
Practical Peripheral Modem but it is NOT there at al!!   There is doc on
many new printer's commands but they are NOT in the diskettes at all!!
I am paying 25 dollars for no Telebit or better printer setting.....

Finally I manage to setup on bi-directional ports and outbound calling
is working fine without any problem at all but it disconnects FAST when
someone is calling in.   I assume there is problem with gettydefs which
is setting up for Hayes 2400 modem.  Can you please send me gettydefs?
It would be nice to include Dialers, Devices, Systems and Telebit setup.
I just want ix/386 ONLY because I have learned that setup for SCO is
somewhat different from ix/386 on flow control.  

I have tried to send email to telebit!modem but it does not work at all.

Thanks in advance.  I really need your help....

Willy Paine

uunet!nwnexus!seaeast!willyp  or   willyp at
or my work email  decwrl!!paine

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