SCSI with 386/ix

Petri Alhola petri at digiw.UUCP
Mon Aug 21 21:01:40 AEST 1989

In article <OJALA.89Jul29155621 at sauna.hut.FI> ojala at writes:
>I have been trying to get SCSI work with 386 unix, namely 386/ix and
>Enix sysVr3.2 but with no luck so far.
>The Enix didn't include any SCSI drivers, so I have tried 386/ix.  The
>manual says that when you set up the system you can have one of the
>supported hard disks controllers/adapters in the computer and the
>installation script will recognize it.

The old version of Enix included SCSI drivers , they are missing
from current version, and i do not know why ?? , are they so
buggy that they cat be in stantard distribution ? .

>What is the exact procedure the get Interactive (or Enix) to work with
>FD TMC830 and what is the correct jumper setup ?
>The drives I have are Maxtor XT-3280 (the drive used in testing) and
>Priam 738 (not used - yet).  I have used the Priam with a Seagate
>ST-01 with modified BIOS by the Seagate distributor here in Finland.
>Any hope to get it working with 386/ix or Enix ?
 I have tried ST-01 with original BIOS with 386/ix 2.0.2 and
 in booting driver regonizes boars as Future Domains TNC..
 but it then says that there is no drives. I think that this is caused by
 diferent bios ROM on board.  I am researching possibility to 
 use seagate board with 386/ix. There are existing public domain
 driver for ST-01 and 386 Unix, but i like to get ST-01 working
 with Interactive High Performange Disk Driver ( HPDD ) becouse
 i can get about three times faster disk operations.
 I Know that the ST-01 is designed by Futuredomain but i dont
 know are there any diferences other tnab BIOS between them.
 Greatest diference is thet price of ST-01 is about 1/10 of
 Future domains one .

 I have also tried Adaptec 1540 with 386/ix 2.0.2. It works
 wery fine in some motherboerds like AMI 20Mhz + Cache  386 board
 but i have not get it working in Chips chipset based ordinary
 20Mhz 386 motherboard. Also i have get it working with St 277N SCSI
 drive, but not with Rodime 150M SCSI drive. If there is other 
 experience of compatibility of 1540 ,please tell me about them.
 If 1540 works in your system , i think that is is beter and
 fasted than Futuredomain , and its price in finland is about
>Is there any problems involved if I began to use WD1006 ST506 adapter
>with 386/ix ?  (simultaneously with a working SCSI host adapter)
 I am testing SCSI in system with WD1007 ESDI controller and
 with ordinary ST506 controller. One problem is that there is
 no /dev/dsk files for secondary controller and you must do them
 by yourshelf.

 Petri Alhola    
 petri at digiw.UUCP

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