texx in 386/ix xwindows

Steven H. Izen izen at amelia.nas.nasa.gov
Wed Aug 30 07:09:44 AEST 1989

I am trying to get texx (the X windows TeX previewer) to work on my system
and have not been able to do it successfully.  I was able to build texx, but
whenever I try running it I get a floating point exception, and core is dumped.

I'm using 386/ix 2.0.1, and the ISC X development package.

Has anyone else tried this and had any luck?

Thanks in advance.

Steve Izen
Steve Izen: {sun,decvax,uunet}!cwjcc!skybridge!izen386!steve
or steve%izen386.uucp at skybridge.scl.cwru.edu
or izen at cwru.cwru.edu

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