Unix for a 386.

Bob Palowoda palowoda at megatest.UUCP
Fri Aug 18 18:36:23 AEST 1989

>From article <1989Aug16.020438.5662 at esegue.uucp>, by johnl at esegue.uucp (John R. Levine):
> In article <2111 at infmx.UUCP> aland at infmx.UUCP (alan denney) writes:
>>In article <36325 at bu-cs.BU.EDU> madd at buit15.bu.edu (Jim Frost) writes:
>>>You can get a mostly-complete version of Interactive for about $1000.
>>Where have you seen 386/ix for this price? ...
> Programmer's Connection, 800-336-1166 (or +1 216 494 3781) has the 1-2 user
  [where's my BIC]
  I really would like to express my displeasure to the marketing bozo's
  who ever came up with this idea of 1-2 user versions of UNIX.

  [flick flick flick]
  Some companies (like SCO) sell a two user version with no upgrade path.
  Remeber the days when unix came as real *unlimited* user system with
  no other standard.

  [pass me the flame thrower please] 
  What happen some got in there and said here's a 
  good market trick.

  [FLAME ON!!] 
  Before you know it there will be 5 user systems at
  a more reasonable price than 4 and 3 users systems at a more reasonable
  price than 2. And than after that we can sneak in 32 user version 
  and also have a unlimited version. I hope to appeal to all the new
  potential unix buyers out there, that one day you may need more than
  2 users and you just may pick up the phone and say "Yes how many more
  single user copies would you like to be for your multi user system."
  Please only quote unlimited multi-user unix prices.

> package of runtime, software development, and text processing for $989 
> including shipping.  Add VP/ix and Ten/Plus and it's $1299.  The TCP/IP and
> NFS combo is another $539.  This is the 1-2 user version, but keep in mind
> uucp logins don't count.

  Do they have a upgrade path?

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