SCO Foxbase under other vendors' Sys V/386?

root at nebulus.UUCP root at nebulus.UUCP
Thu Aug 31 13:42:02 AEST 1989

>I haven't used foxbase, but I have used several other xenix software packages
>under 386/ix and Bell Tech SV 3.2 without any problems other than the fact
>that the compatability is for executables not for libraries.  Xenix libraries
>are not recognized by the system V loader and/or archiver.

I have used SCO Foxbase Plus with the AT&T Unix 3.2.1 with a patch
I got from the hotline. Foxbase is one of the programs AT&T claimed would
work under 3.2 and, of course, it didn't. The program runs fine as long
as you are the only user playing with a database. If you set exclusive off
the database still locks on the first user. The patch replaces the lock
routine in the kernel. As it turned out Foxbase trys to lock a zero length
record. :-)

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