Fun with Interactive/IX Curses

Todd Merriman todd at stiatl.UUCP
Wed Aug 16 02:57:21 AEST 1989

| I am trying to use Curses with Interactive 2.0.1.  An unresolved 
| external reference is being produced in the code:

undefined			first referenced
symbol  			    in file
_si                                 demoz.o
ld fatal: Symbol referencing errors. No output written to demoz

| The code compiled with the -P flag produces a reference to 
| the "_si" variable:

	extern	SCREEN	*_si;

| but, I cannot find this reference in any of the headers included.
| Has anyone had the same problem?  Is Interactive Curses *supposed*
| to work?
|   ...!gatech!stiatl!todd
|   Todd Merriman * 404-377-TOFU * Atlanta, GA

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