Anyone ported GDB to Altos System V?

Brandon S. Allbery allbery at nc386.uucp
Fri Aug 18 12:39:57 AEST 1989

I recently grabbed the latest version of GDB and attempted to install it on
Telotech's office machine, because sdb is pretty much unusable.  (sdb doesn't
work on *any* system in my experience....)  Aside from some differences in
names in sys/user.h, it compiled fine; but Altos System V apparently builds
its stack frames differently from whatever porting base was used for the 386
Unix port (Interactive?).  Has anyone out there made gdb work on Altos 386es?

Also, I have to deal with two different compilers which probably have
different stack conventions:  a Microsoft Xenix C compiler (hacked to produce
COFF files) and standard AT&T pcc.  A quick look at gdb's internals didn't
make this seem particularly easy to handle on the fly, but I suspect it's been
dealt with because gcc probably doesn't always use the same stack conventions
as the native compiler on a system.  Any hints from Gnu cognoscenti?

Thanks in advance,
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