g++ and stanfords InterViews (was Re: gcc and g++ compilers)

Luis Soltero luis at titan.rice.edu
Fri Aug 25 01:48:52 AEST 1989

In article <6348 at turnkey.gryphon.COM> jackv at turnkey.gryphon.COM wirites

>I have gotton considerably further along with g++ since when I posted my first
>plea for help. I want to thank all those who took the time to send me mail. I
>still have not gotton it to completely work however, my biggest source of 
>headaches has been that the source archive I was using was not untouched. I
>still cannot completely build libg++.a since the g++ compiler actually sleeps
>awaiting more memory indefinitely when compiling certain files!! As I just
>said with the increase to 8Meg I expect this problem to disappear. I have made
>enough of the library to use it on linking simple programs, and I can now
>completely compile, assemble and link an executable load module. What is real
>weird now, is that although the programs execute, the streams objects (cin,
>cout,and cerr) appear not to work, i.e., a program of the form:

the problem w/ running g++ on a 386/sysV platform seems to be more
realted to libg++ than to g++ itself.  g++ works quite well.  for
example, i just ported the stanford Interviews package to my 386/ix 2.0.1
system w/ very little problems.

Interviews is a c++ object oriented library that allows you to do
nifty graphical things under X11.  it is worth getting interviews
if only for the interactive drawing program called idraw that comes
w/ the distribution.

--luis at rice.edu

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