386/ix, VP/ix, 19200 baud

Brad Karp akcs.karp at vpnet.UUCP
Mon Aug 21 04:00:10 AEST 1989

I've recently purchased Interactive's 386/ix 2.0.2 Workstation Developer
package, and am very happy with it, except for a problem that I'm having
with its asy driver. Before purchasing 386/ix, I ran a FidoNet BBS under
DOS. I would like to continue to do so. VP/ix runs fine, but only at baud
rates of 2400 and lower. As I have a USR Courier HST 14400 baud modem, this
speed problem is quite important. I installed a 16550 in my serial port
board, but, of course, Interactive's asy driver doesn't know that it's there
and much less wants to use its fifo. I tried installing Jim Murray's asy
driver, and was very pleased with the results--under Unix, that is.
Apparently, his driver doesn't have the necessary "hooks" to generate pseudo-
interrupts for VP/ix processes. He's working on a new version that will
support VP/ix, but in the interim, does anyone know of any asy drivers that
work with 386/ix AND VP/ix that support the 16550? If not, does anyone know
of any intelligent serial controllers that work with 386/ix and VP/ix? I
don't regularly read this conference, as it isn't available on most of the
machines on which I have accounts, so I'd appreciate it if replies would be
made to karp-brad at cs.yale.edu. Thanks!


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