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Piercarlo Grandi pcg at aber-cs.UUCP
Tue Aug 29 20:09:11 AEST 1989

In article <1086 at virtech.UUCP> cpcahil at virtech.UUCP (Conor P. Cahill) writes:
    In article <2069 at kodak.UUCP>, mark at kodak.UUCP (Mark Hilliard) writes:
    > Has anyone gotten news to compile properly on Interactives 2.02?
    > I have been trying all day and keep getting the following error messages.
    > Does anyone have any idea what might be wrong?
    David Raines posted the following to the net a while back-------
    I got the source for bnews-2.11 from UUNET.  Other than the standard changes for USG/SysV, the only thing that wouldn,t compile 
    was virtterm.c.   Add the following includes:
    	#include <sys/stream.h>
    	#include <sys/ptem.h>
    The 'winsize' structure is defined in ptem.h, which is dependent on stream.h.
    Apparently this is a change from earlier versions.

Actually the better course is to do a '#undef TIOCGWINSZ'; on a stock 386/ix
the window size is fixed... Actually I don't like the idea of including into
user level programs headers, like <sys/stream.h>, that contain kernel level
declarations. AT&T ought to be less sloppy and surround the kernel only
parts of such headers with a nice #ifdef KERNEL. Name space pollution? No
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