Wyse 60s (was Re: DOS-Over-UNIX from non-console ttys)

Dr. Scump aland at infmx.UUCP
Tue Aug 15 12:23:20 AEST 1989

In article <5992 at lynx.UUCP> m5 at lynx.uucp (Mike McNally) writes:
>I should also add that the Wyse 60 is just great if you need something to
>add the scent of burning electronic parts to your office.  We bought 
>six or eight 60's; they are all sitting on the floor in a corner of the
>lab now.  After less than a year, *each and every one* literaly burned
>out (like smoke comes out the top and of course it stops working).  Some
>have done so more than once, after being repaired by Wyse for the bargain
>price of $175.  We have talked with other Wyse customers with similar --- 
>no, identical --- experiences.

see below...

>Don't buy a Wyse 60.  They suck.  Sure, they have lot's of intelligence, but 
>reliability is nonexistant.  There's also this nifty feature: when the
>host starts sending lots of stuff at high baud rates, the terminal begins
>*ignoring the keyboard*.  The Wyse technical support people I've talked
>to admit this, but they don't think it's a problem.  What a laugh.
>I guess it's possible that the entire thing has been completely redesigned,
>and now is the greatest little terminal on earth, but I doubt it.  And
>also, I don't particularly hate Wyse; we have lots of 50's that work fine
>(well, they have the endearing "eat a space for attributes" feature...).
wha?  you mean standout glitch?  so do the 60s, I think.  You can get
around it by using the terminal's prot mode for standout and get 
non-standout-glitch functionality out of it.  We use it here.

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Another perspective: we have about a dozen Wyse 60s here in use for
about a year or so with virtually no problems. (Only problem was some
wierdness in vt100 emulation, for which they gave us replacement ROMs
that took care of the problem).  I used one until I switched
departments, and I really miss it.  Some "extra" features not found
on the 50s or most other terminals I've used:  longer function key
values, more emulations, Wyseworks (calculator, etc.), constant time
display, etc.  Going back to the Wyse 50 is like driving a bad rental
car.  *Boy*, am I sick of losing characters 5+ of my function
keys whenever the terminal is powered off; I finally broke down and
wrote a script to change fkeys thru software.  The extra emulations
were really nice; I could pop into setup and turn my terminal into
a block mode IBM 3101 for mainframe dialups and TSO use in a flash.
(Never did run into compatibility trouble even in mainframe use).
We have had too-frequent trouble with the older 30s and 50s, but the
60s have been humming along.

Perhaps your electricity is not completely stable?  Or your ethernet
is possessed?  :-]

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