Microsoft Word & (SCO) Unix 3.2

Larry Williamson larry at UUCP
Thu Aug 17 23:56:48 AEST 1989

SCO markets a Xenix/Unix version of Microsoft Word. The
version is 3.0.4, (according to an SCO sales rep).  How does
this version of MSWord compare with MSWord 5.0?

SCO claims that it works with SCO Unix 3.2. Will it work
with any of the other versions of Unix 3.2? (ie. ISC, Bell
Tech, AT&T).

SCO's sales rep said, "We don't try our software with anyone
else's Operating System - you have to try it yourself". (Which,
to me, does not sound like the best way to sell MSWord).

We would like to use it with Interactive's 386/ix 2.0.x. Does
anyone have any experience with this product?


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