Unix <--> MS-DOS utilities

Sean Hogan sean2 at stretch.MUN.EDU
Thu Aug 24 06:21:34 AEST 1989


I am posting this for a friend who works for a company which is a VAR
for AT&T equipment.  They are converting a piece of software running
under MS-DOS to the Unix environment - the problem is that they must
submit data on an MS-DOS format diskette to a government agency.

Therefore they are looking for a utility or utilities, running under
AT&T Unix SysV/386 3.2, which can format MS-DOS disks, and transfer
Unix text files to those disks (and back again).  It isn't feasible to
have an MS-DOS machine to which to transfer files (over a serial line
or whatever); there must be a software-only solution somewhere, right?

I would appreciate any comments from people on the net who may have
used or have seen such a (set of) utilities.   Name?  Manufacturer?
Pricing?  Contact address?

Thanks in advance,
	Sean Hogan
	Computer Science Department
	Memorial University of Newfoundland
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