How to read DOS formatted disk from Unix 386?

Peter Fales psfales at cbnewsc.ATT.COM
Thu Aug 31 13:37:06 AEST 1989

In article <1172 at vsi.COM>, john at vsi.COM (John Koontz) writes:
> Hi folks,
>      Is there a good way to read a DOS disk from AT&T 386
> UNIX?  Interactive's programs for this are bundled with
> VP/IX and not available separately, and we really need to
> do this.  Any ideas?

There has been a Public Domain package posted to the net called
"mtools" that allows any UNIX box to read and write MS-DOS format
disks.  The author, Emmet Gray, (spelling?) has written a "generic" 
version, as well as a version specifically for the AT&T UNIX-PC, but I 
had to do almost nothing to port the generic version to my 386.
I have VP/IX, but I still find mtools to be more convenient for the
occasional DIR, or READ command.

The latest version I have is 1.6, patch level 2.

I do not really want to be in the software distribution business, but
if you have trouble finding the code from an archive site, let me know.
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