SCSI with 386/ix

Michael Burg mb at everex.UUCP
Tue Aug 22 17:15:34 AEST 1989

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>>The Enix didn't include any SCSI drivers,
[goes on about 386/ix]
>The old version of Enix included SCSI drivers , they are missing
>from current version, and i do not know why ?? , are they so
>buggy that they cat be in stantard distribution ? .

Because they never really worked and because they weren't supposed to be
shipped. The upcomming Revision C (due out in about 2 to 3 weeks at this point) 
will include a fully working SCSI hard disk driver (support via the AHA1540/42A
controller). Support for 9 track and cartridge tape devices are supported along
with booting from a SCSI disk.

Also a note about the Adaptec AHA1540/42A controller, the lastest version
of the board(s) will work with the Everex Step Series computers, however,
the motherboards must be at least at G2 revision or higher.

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