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Darryl Richman darryl at
Mon Aug 28 23:24:11 AEST 1989

In article <196 at> davidsen at crdos1.UUCP (bill davidsen) writes:
"Both MP and ix had some cases in
"which the C compiler would generate code which the assembler couldn't
"handle, using registers not in the 386 (R10 and R11 are PDP-11).

Not to say that the original compiler didn't have a few bugs when it
shipped, but I'm surprised by this particular comment.  (I seem to be
getting new surprises all the time! :-()  I don't believe that the AT&T
RCC compiler was ever ported to the PDP-11, and it's a complete rewrite
from the PCC that we all know and love (?).  Compared to any truly
optimizing compiler, RCC is still slow and stupid, but compared to the
old PCC, it's a real whiz!

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