386/ix hd configure problem. HELP!

Joseph Sarkes joe at junkyard.UUCP
Thu Aug 31 08:08:50 AEST 1989

In article <3306 at gaboon.UUCP>, asv at gaboon.UUCP (Stan Voket) writes:
> The problem:
>     Installing 386/ix on Disks/Controllers with more than 1024 Cylinders.
> I tried two of the "logical" drive configurations on the WD 
> controller.  that seem to make the drive "look" like it has 1023 
> cylinders.  
> Has anyone used this controller/disk combination?  (or other greater 
> than 1024 cylinder disk) If so I'm interesed in how you configured 
> things to utilize the entire hard disk for unix.  Any help, 
> criticisms, and/or war stories will be greatly appreciated!  

Basically what is happening is that the mapping done by the controller
is read by the install software. This data is saved and used while
partitioning the disk. You <can> edit the /etc/partitions file and
get the whole disk accessible by rerunning mkpart and remaking the
file systems manually. The better way is to circumvent the mapping
done by the controller completely by installing a jumper at W14 on
the WD1007A-WA2 (Sector translation enabled if jumper removed). This
will allow the full disk to be seen when the install program reads
the size of the disk, and you <should> be all set. This is based on
previous grief taking many hours and reinstalls to check results. 
Best of luck, and if everything works fine for you using this, post
it as your running different software than I.

Joseph Sarkes	(junkyard!joe)

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