RLL controllers & 386/ix

Dr. Scump aland at infmx.UUCP
Wed Aug 30 13:07:07 AEST 1989

In article <1989Aug29.162452.10538 at agate.uucp> ilan343 at violet.berkeley.edu writes:
>I am setting up a 386 clone that will eventually run a version of UNIX,
>probably 386/ix. Since I am trying to keep costs down, I am thinking of
>using a large (120MB) RLL hard-drive.  I see from Interactive's list of
>compatible hardware that they limit the choices of RLL controllers,
>which concerns me a bit.
>Can anyone report their experience (good or bad) trying to install
>versions UNIX/386 in systems with RLL controllers?

No personal experience here; just some vendor info.  ISC claims
compatibility with just 4 RLL controllers (Adaptec ACB-237[02],
Bell Tech [Intel?] B-130, and WD 1006V-SRZ).  ESIX, on the other
hand, specifically disclaims RLL support in the literature I received
just yesterday.

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