Interactive Unix

Erik Talvola talvola at
Thu Aug 24 10:16:08 AEST 1989

  I recently got the latest information packet from Interactive about their
Unix, and here is what I have found:

  a) Their package deals are excellent compared to putting your own Unix together.
     I originally was looking for a development-type system with X11.  If I wanted
     to get the pieces individually, it would be more than the top of the
     line package, which includes:

	386/ix OS
	386/ix X11
	386/ix TCP/IP
	386/ix NFS
	386/ix Software Development System
	386/ix X11 Development System
	Complete documentation

     This sells for $1995 single-user.  It looks like this is what I am going to
     have to get - I was hoping that it would be less expensive.  I need all of
     the above in the package, except for TCP/IP and NFS.  However, if I tried to
     make a system without those, it would end up costing $500 more than if I
     included them.  This system (the Developer/Workstation) is the only one with
     the X11 DS - it would be nice if they had a standalone X11 development package.

  b) In their list of tested hardware, they do not mention the Mylex motherboard -
     does anyone know for sure that this works with 386/ix?  Also missing is the
     Orchid ProDesigner Plus - they only mention Paradise, and Video 7 about the
     clone boards.  

	Except for these points, 386/ix seems to be the way to go.  I wish
     the price were less (this is NOT a corporate purchase - this is a
     personal purchase.  I want Unix because MS-DOS on a 386 is worthless,
     and I want to be able to write X-Windows stuff.)

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