support 4-8 serial ports

Bruce A. McIntyre bruce at mdi386.UUCP
Wed Aug 16 09:28:46 AEST 1989

In article <34103 at mlswindow.uucp>, wu at mlswindow.uucp (Rocky Wu) writes:
> I need some information on mux board which could support 4-8
> serial ports. I'll probably just hook up some terminals and 
> run vi and cc on it. My most concerns are performance and price.
> Does anyone out there have any suggestions? I got 386-25 AT clone.
> Does it matter what kind of mother board I have??
> Any information and pointers are appreciated!!!
> Rocky

Some of the better faster boards do run into trouble with some of the
"smart" multi-port controllers.  Generally it has something to do with the
"cacheing" of memory.  Make sure and ask the board maker if there is any
special promm or switch settings to make with smart controller boards...

I can suggest both Arnet Smartport and Computone boards... I have used both
of them.  There are several others, and I know that I have seen the
Compaq 386 using Anvil, Digi-board, Comtrol, Monolithic.  Here are some

Manufacturer		Model		Ports	Price	 Phone
------------------	------------	------	-------	---------
Monolithic Systems	Connect I/O	4,8,16		800-525-7661
Comtrol Corporation	Hostess		4,8,16		800-333-1033
Connect Tech, Inc.	Intellicon			519-836-1291
Breagen Group, Inc.	Stallion	8,16		416-366-6363
Equinox Systems, Inc.	Megaport	24		800-328-2729
DigiBoard Inc.		DigiCHANNEL	4,8,16		800-645-7779
MaxSpeed		MaxSpeed	8	$795	415-345-5447
Anvil Designs		Anvil		4,8,16		408-988-3622
Computone		(several)	4,8,16,32	800-345-2547
Arnet			(several)	4,8,16		800-366-8844

Another possibility is the UnTerminal from Advance Micro Research and
the SunRiver LightStation, which emulate smart and/or direct PC emulation
so that you can easily run multiple VPIX/MERGE sessions with full graphics

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