386/ix 2.0.1 + host based tcp/ip 1.1.1 + wd ethercard plus

John Richardson jr at frog.UUCP
Tue Aug 15 04:38:00 AEST 1989

In article <295 at dksoft.UUCP>, dirk at dksoft.UUCP (Dirk Koeppen) writes:
> luis at titan.rice.edu (Luis Soltero) writes:
>  >we hear on the grape vine that wd crads will do 400kbytes/sec transfers on
>  >a novel net, yet we are only getting about 80kbytes/sec on our unloaded
>  >386/20 machines running ISC 2.0.1 and ISC's host based tcp/ip.  
> We have got the same configuration but the 3COM 501 board. If I use ftp
> with our Sony NWS1850 I get amazing 5Kbytes/sec transfer rate. Best of
> all is 386/ix to Sony gives 5Kbytes/sec, Sony to 386/ix 53Kbytes/sec !?
> Any idea ?
> cu,
> dirk at incom.de

   Yes, A bug in the FTP on one side in which they are using the net
stream unbuffered for the transfer. They are doing a getc/putc type thing
to a high level FILE *, and are causing a packet for each transfere. 
By making sure it is block buffered, then the performance goes way up.
At least that was the bug in the CMC TCP/IP we ported to our system.


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