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Jack F. Vogel jackv at turnkey.gryphon.COM
Mon Aug 21 08:05:47 AEST 1989

In article <9046 at attctc.Dallas.TX.US> cassidy at attctc.Dallas.TX.US (Cassidy Lynar) writes:
>I have recently purchased the ISC 386/ix 2.0.2 package, and I find that it is
>very much broke! Getty will not spawn a process to a modem, uugetty doesn't
>work either. I am pretty upset to think that close to $4000.00  was spent on
>an OS that I can not get to work properly.

[ system description deleted ]

>Ok, The package is the complete (everything they had) system, unlimited users,
>and no matter what I do, the modems will not answer the phone (once in a blue
>moon) it will, and then it's only at 1200 baud (another Trailblazer calling).

I do not have a Telebit so I cannot be sure, and you do not describe the exact
symptoms of your problem, but it sounds like the same thing I saw when first
setting things up. What would happen was that every time the phone would ring
the modem would cycle DTR and spawn a new getty. Is this what is happening??
At first I got around the problem by running my modems on the BellTech ICC
card, but some kind soul (yes, Greg I saw your message, tested it, and it
worked!!) told me to RTFM on asy(7) in the operating system guide. It turns
out there is a modem control entry point into the asy driver. Of course, ISC
does not create a special device file for the entry point, /dev/tty00 is
major 3 minor 0. But let us not flame :-}, what you want is a /dev entry with
major 3 minor 16 and then run your getty on that, or equivalently for tty01
make it major 3 minor 17. Although I am not using these ( the ICC driver works
fine thank you :-}), I did test the COM1 device and low-and-behold :-} it
answered the line just as you might expect!! Oh well, half the fun of running
ISC is figuring out these little foibles :-}!?!

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