Building Metafont

Michael Grenier mike at
Fri Aug 25 10:39:28 AEST 1989

Hello World, 
   I need help! I've managed to get TeX up and running producing
pretty good output on my Epson LQ800 under Microport V/386 
(which when combined with ditdvi recently posted makes a great way
 to troff to bit mapped printers!)

Anyway, I would like to generate a full set of Computer Modern fonts
at 180dpi and am having trouble getting Metafont with web2c to convert
the Pascal version of metafont (mf.p after conversion from tangle) to C.
I'm building Metafont version 1.2 using Web2C version 2.21 (which
I just grabbed from Is there a version problem?
I didn't see any of the syntax errors that web2c (the ./convert script)
is complaining about.

I'll give the make's response below. Thanks for your help,

   -Mike Grenier    mike at   uunet!rosevax!cimcor!mike

(The syntax error below is generated by ../web2cdir/web2c)

make inimf

	(cd web2cdir; make "SITEDIR=.." "OPT=")
	(cd texware; make "SITEDIR=.." "OPT=" tangle)
`tangle' is up to date.
	(cd mfdir; ./convert)
 syntax error
Last token - 299
Error buffer = twohalves
Last id - twohalves
Next sym free    =  147
Mark sym         =  0
Next string free =  1315
Mark string      =  0

147 symbols.

#undef	TRAP
#define	TRAP
#define memmax 30000 
#define memmax 3000 
#define maxinternal 100 
#define maxinternal 100 
#define errorline 72 
#define errorline 64 
#define halferrorline 42 
#define halferrorline 32 
#define maxprintline 79 
#define maxprintline 72 
#define screenwidth 768 
#define screenwidth 100 
#define screendepth 1024 
#define screendepth 200 
#define gfbufsize 800 
#define gfbufsize 8 
*** Error code 2


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