Intel spec 32-bit slots

Steven C. Neighorn neighorn at qiclab.UUCP
Fri Aug 25 06:18:45 AEST 1989

In article <1989Aug20.022459.724 at esegue.uucp> johnl at esegue.UUCP (John Levine) writes:
>I have an Intel 302 box, and the manual says that the spec for the 32 bit
>slots is Intel proprietary, see your Intel salesman and beg.  Thanks a lot.
>I would be interested in hearing about reasonably priced sources for the
>memory cards; I suspect that 8MB won't be enough once I load up NFS and
>X windows.

Whoops, there may be different manuals depending on where/how you get
your box. I dunno...

As for memory, having worked quite a bit with a configuration similar to
what it sounds like you are setting up, 8MB is probably enough. Once you
get set up, you might try using "sar" to analyze your memory usage. Of
course, the more X clients you run, the more memory you'll need. Plus
the kernel gets bigger and bigger. With X, TCP/IP, NFS, Tape driver,
RFS, and so on, the size(1) total of the kernel will exceed 1.6 megs.
(your mileage will vary). More memory never hurt anyone to my knowledge :-).

As for second sources of Intel memory cards (I assume that's what you mean
by reasonably priced sources) I have seen ads in the back of computer rags
selling "Intel motherboard-compatible memory cards" for less, but not *much*
less, than Intel sells them for. Sorry, can't recall any company names, and
I haven't seen any such ads in the last couple months.

Good luck with the search.
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