386/ix User-level Performance??

David Reisner dar at telesoft.telesoft.com
Thu Aug 31 19:44:53 AEST 1989

I'm considering the purchase of a 386 system to run 386/ix.  So far, I've
been unable to see one running anywhere, and I'm a bit concerned about
performance.  As far as user feel is concerned, how does 386/ix on a
20MHz (or 25MHz?) 386 compare to, say, a Sun 3?  I'm particularly curious
about the feel of X (or Sunview).  Are the systems similarly responsive?
Is either system responsive enough for a serious software developer
actually using Unix?

I'm sure some of you use both systems, and I'd very much like to hear your
evaluation.  Thanks.

ucsd!telesoft!dar, dar at sdcsvax.ucsd.edu

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