UUCP over TCP under 386/ix

News Administrator clay at uci.UUCP
Sat Aug 19 06:19:26 AEST 1989

We're having trouble getting uucp to run between our two boxes using TCP, one
running 386/ix and the other a Tower 200 with V.3 on it.  There have
been some postings about how to do this from the perspective of the 386,
but we need more help.

I have initialized the tcp service as best I can figure out, but can't 
get the listener to run -- it aborts with the following message:

Fri Aug 18 15:08:14 1989; 8661; @(#)nsu:cmd/listen/listen.c	1.3
Fri Aug 18 15:08:14 1989; 8661; Using data base file: /usr/net/nls/tcp/dbf
Fri Aug 18 15:08:14 1989; 8661; TLI t_bind failed: Couldn't allocate address
Fri Aug 18 15:08:14 1989; 8661; *** listener terminating!!! ***

The addresses I have tried are various permutations on, done in
hex, octal, ASCII, and prefixed with \x00020402 -- some magic number referenced
in a previous posting.

Anybody have the definitive answer?  Come on, ISC, you told us in April that
you were working on the documentation!

I will post a summary if I ever get it work.
Thanks in advance!

		clay at uci
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