Tatu Ylonen's SCSI driver w/ Seagate 296N

Wolf Paul wnp at attctc.Dallas.TX.US
Sun Aug 27 11:59:31 AEST 1989

I am trying to get Tatu Ylonen's SCSI driver to work under Microport V/386
Release 3.0e.1, using the Seagate ST-01 host adapter and a Seagate
296N, 80MB drive. I would appreciate hearing from anyone who has been
successful with this combination.

My other hardware is a DTK ET20 motherboard with a WD1006V-MM2 disk controller
and a Seagate 4096 80M drive.

The SCSI driver is installed on IRQ 3, with IRQ 4 being a DFI 4-port card
with Jim Murray's asy driver, IRQ 5 is the Microport QIC-02 Tape Driver, and
IRQ 7 is the line printer. Following Tatu's suggestion I have removed the
ST-01's ROM, but the problem described below occurs with or without the

Installation went well, on boot-up the driver seems to initialize
properly, "scsipart" executes normally, formats the drive, and partitions

However, as soon as I try to "mkfs" on the drive, I get error messages

   "scsi: sending hard reset to scsi bus"
   "scsi: doxfernosleep: !STBSY unit 0"
   "scsi: timeout identify message out - drive 0 does not support messages?"

and then a stream of 
   "scsi: startscsi: retrying or failing"

after which the machine reboots.

The same thing happens if I try to read from the block device for the entire
drive or one of the partitions, i.e. something like, "od -c < /dev/scsi0s0".

After a phone call to Tatu I have removed the #define ASM statement, and
have also set slow=1 in doscsicmd(); neither has made any difference.

Changing the blocksize back and forth between 512 bytes or 1K does not
make any difference either.

If I do not try to access the drive, or if I limit my access to "scsipart",
there is no problem. "scsipart" is able to write and read the partition table,
so I assume the drive itself is functional.

I would appreciate any advice or help from anyone who has successfully
used this driver with a Seagate 296N.

Thanks in advance!

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