Anyone know what "Warning: hard disk unit 0: pdinfo invalid" means?

Darryl Richman darryl at
Thu Aug 17 05:42:36 AEST 1989

In article <13272 at> cjeffery at (Clinton Jeffery) writes:
>The subject line says it all: does anyone know what "pdinfo" is and how
>to validate it?  The message comes on during my Sys V/386 installation

Not to worry.  A pdinfo (defined in vtoc.h) is a Physical Disk INFOrmation
block.  The driver is complaining that it can't find one, which is natural
if you haven't installed yet.  It appears inside of the UNIX fdisk partition
on V.3.2 systems, and in the first cylinder in V.3.0 systems.  It did say
WARNING, because this isn't necessarily an error.

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