The Great American X Graphics Card Survey

Stephen J. Friedl friedl at vsi.COM
Wed Aug 30 13:01:41 AEST 1989

Hi folks,

     Since the Bell Tech BLIT card is likely to be phased out
soon, I need to find another card on which to run X, and I'd like
your help.  I am conducting a survey of the available X graphics
products for the 386 UNIX world, and I want very much to get
zillions of responses.

     If you are running X on your 386, please take a few minutes
to answer the questions that follow and email them to me.  I will
collect response(s) and will summarize to the net when I'm done.
You don't have to answer everything, so don't defer on the survey
because you're stuck on something, and shameless sales pitches
from OS or graphics card vendors are certainly welcome here.

	---------------- survey here ----------------
	* What kind of graphics card do you have?
	* What kind of monitor do you have?
	* Is it color or monochrome?
	* What is the resolution in pixels?
	* What is the screen size?
	* Is the screen interlaced?
	* What is the screen refresh rate?
	* How smart is the graphics card?
	* If you don't mind, how much did you pay these items?
	* What operating system do you run?
	* Does your operating system vendor support this card?
	* Where did you get your X software?
	* Can the graphics card be the machine's sole console?
	* What kind of DOS support is there, if any?
	* In what kind of machine do you run this configuration?
	* What is the CPU speed?
	* What is the bus speed?
	* Is it a cached machine?
	* What kind of mouse do you use?
	* Have you had any problems with the configuration?
	* Have you tried other configurations that didn't work?
	* How responsive have the vendor(s) been to your troubles?
	* How do you like the whole setup?
	* Do you mind if I quote you?
	* In your opinion, could an X novice have made this work?
	* In your opinion, could an UNIX novice have made this work?
	* Are there any important questions I've missed?
	* How 'bout them Dodgers?
	* Would you like the results emailed to you?
	* Who are you? (if it's not in your .signature)
	---------------- survey here ----------------

     Thanks much in advance,

Stephen J. Friedl / V-Systems, Inc.  /  Santa Ana, CA  / +1 714 545 6442 
3B2-kind-of-guy   / {attmail uunet}!vsi!{bang!}friedl  /  friedl at

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