Unix for a 386.

John Plocher plocher%sally at Sun.COM
Sat Aug 26 09:13:23 AEST 1989

>I would
>guess that the crippling is in getty, or login because I understand you

Microport's setup involved getty and kernel internals - if you replaced
getty with your own version then the system would fail to boot and print a "L"
on the screen.  The intent was to have a user call in and "give himself in" - 

	Hi, Tech Support? 
				Yes, who is this?
	John Q Customer
				Support Number?
				What's the problem?
	When I Boot it hangs after printing a "L" ....
				You have a "Limited" version?
	Well, uh, yes
				Were trying to bypass the limit?
				Let me transfer you to Sales - they can sell you
				a Ultd user Upgrade...

Why?  Because AT&T wanted $150/copy for a ultd user system base package.  Microport
wanted to be able to charge $99/copy for their low-end product.  They negotiated
with ATT and came to an agreement that Microport would modify the system to 
prevent more than 2 users at the same time and ATT would only charge $50/copy.

I didn't like this policy, but without it the entry price for Unix back then would
have been closer to $300...

	-John Plocher

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