386/ix at386 terminfo corrections

Vernon Schryver vjs at calcite.UUCP
Sun Aug 27 05:25:59 AEST 1989

In article <1122 at mannix.iros1.UUCP>, pinard at IRO.UMontreal.CA (Francois Pinard) writes:
> Hello, people.  Here are some corrections I made to at386...
> 1) Removed xt and ht=\t : they trigger bugs somewhere.

I found in 2.0.2 that ht works ok with set tab stops, or `stty tab3`.  There
seems to be a bug in the driver which makes setting a tab at position 16
fail every other time.  Wierd.

> 4) Removed invis and is2 : the sequences used are undocumented.

Display(7) in the "386/ix Operating System Guide" with the #@##%! wire
binding which comes with 2.0.2 lists \E[8m as something which does invis,
unlike the \E[9m in the 2.0.2 entry.  In 2.0.2, is2=\E[0;10;38m   38 is not
listed in display(7), but seems innoculous.  The rest is good.  I added
\E[2l\E?7h to is2 after getting competely befuddled by the results of vt100
termcaps and line noise.

> ...[other good fixes]...

Still other 2.0.2 oddities include:
	cbt=\E[Z is missing
	clear=\Ec is much short (size matters over a modem)
	dl1=\E[m shorter
	ech=\E[%p1%dX missing
	el1=\E[1K\E[X missing
	hpa=\E[%i%p1%dG missing
	ich1=\E[@ shorter
	il1=\E[L shorter

> I've been recently exposed to Sun, Microport and Interactive Unixes.
> It seems that none of these suppliers were able to provide a correct
> termcap/terminfo description of their own console.  This is rather
> amazing, and slightly deceiving.
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Notice that at least one of these companies has signed on to the QA, test-the-
quality-in-after-omitting-during-design-and-implementation bandwagon and
has zillions of people whose job it is to do nothing but test.  This is
more evidence for my conclusion, born of bitter experience, that many QA
and test mavens rank below real estate agents, used car salesmen, and
lawyers in terms of usefulness, something-for-nothing baloney, and
honesty.  Then there are CASE quacks and computer salesmen...

Vernon Schryver
vjs at calcite.uucp     or    ...{sgi,pyramid}!calcite!vjs

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