Character sets

Kristoffer Eriksson ske at
Fri Aug 18 03:10:53 AEST 1989

I would like to know what character sets the various 386-Unix:es can work
with, especially SCO Unix 3.2, Interactive's Unix and AIX.

Currently I am using Xenix 2.3, where I can choose freely any 8-bit character
set to use internally in the system, e.g. ISO 8859, IBM's extended ASCII,
HP's Roman8, or any 7-bit national ASCII derivation, and have the system
translate between that and any character set used by the terminals and

On the console (the display adapter) I can either use that translation
facility to translate to the standard IBM character set in the adapter ROMs,
or I can softload the correct font into adapter RAM.

How does all this compare to other systems? I suppose most of this is uniqe
to SCO Xenix. Has SCO Unix the same facilities? Can they use any character
set on the console other than the one in ROM? Do they support NLS?
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